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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ink Experiment Gone Awry -Part 2

Remember this post with the ink blobs where I was trying to do a painting like Leah at Creative Every Day does? I appreciate your comments and suggestions so much, and I tried some of them, although you might not be able to tell. I've lost track of how many layers and textures I've added to this experiment, but now it looks like this...

I don't think there's actually any ink still visible. It's now all fluid acrylics. So much for the beginning ink blobs. Oh, how I wish I'd seen those pandas in the first one before I painted over them. The painting has gone through so many transformations to get to where it is now. Don't know what it means, and I guess I could do some more to it. However, I think I'm calling it done. I kind of like it the way it is now.

I'm thinking I may try something completely different without paint for a needlefelting or crazy quilting. That looks really interesting to me. Or maybe I'll catch up on my reading. Or, since I finished this one, I may try another ink blob painting or finish some paintings I have started. Nothing like completing a project to inspire you to start another one! :)

There hasn't been too much going on creatively on Rabbit Hop lately. Life has taken over for the most part. We have added a donkey, a goat, a pony, and a horse to our family, so I've been spending time at the barn a lot for the last couple of months. I've taken lots of pictures of them and am feeling inspired to try drawing or painting them. When I do, I'll be sure to share them with you, or any other creative endeavors for that matter.

In the meantime, I hope my experiment made you smile. :)


nanke's stuff said...

I like this very much and I can see Leah's influence on it. Very nicely done! nancy

donna said...

Yes, you did make me smile. Thanks! I really like your drawing.

Sandra said...

Enjoyed your final piece and sharing your artist struggle.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Your experiment made me giggle AND smile. Love the layers and the fact you kept playing... way past when many others would.

My ink blogs always ended up looking like babies-in-utero but during Art Every Day Month I was so committed! Grateful you shared your laters here.. so fun to see! :-)

Queen Bee said...

I really love this!