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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Stars Dancing In Her Eyes...And On Her Face-CED

This month's theme at CED is "Move", as in taking action or being in motion.

"T" has a dream of being a superstar. Can you guess who her role model is? :)

"T" works very hard at her craft. Always on the go and in motion, practicing her dancing, singing, and acting; taking classes and working on a look that sets her apart. I think she found it.

Who would forget a big blue star painted on her face? :)

Although it doesn't show in the picture above, "T" also has stars dancing in her eyes, despite the blood, sweat, and tears she's shed trying to achieve her dream.


"T" and her eye evolved out of more of my doodle schedules, done in watercolor in my sketchbook. I forgot to paint her lower lid so I used photoshop to draw it in, which I'm not very adept at, as you can see. :)

Anyway, hope they made you smile! :)

1 comment:

Leah said...

love this one!! loving the stars on her face and her eyes.