PERFECTLY IMPERFECT-I may not be the best at what I do, but Nobody has MORE fun trying than I do! :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

CED-Ducks, Experiments, & Inspiration

Ducky Blue Napping was an experiment in finger painting. I used watercolor and inktense pencils to color the doodle drawing in my Moleskine watercolor book. You know I like darker, more intense, colors, don't you? Anyway, then I dipped my finger in water and made little swirls all over the background, merging the colors together. I also used my finger to paint the duck. His feathers are fingerprints. I used a black pencil to emphasize some of the feathers. I like him!

I hadn't carved a linoleum block in a while, but I was INSPIRED by Dandelion 's block prints on her blog to get mine out and start carving. I had some small pieces of linoleum already cut, so the swan is atc sized and the hat lady is just a little larger. I drew with a pencil directly on the tan linoleum, then carved the lines out. I usually carved everything out but the lines, but Dandelion's pieces were so delicate and pretty I decided to try it that way. This is a trial run on an old envelope, and they need tweeking a bit more, but I decided to share them anyway. I had fun doing them!

Walking the Peace Duck is a drawing born of doodle marks and imagination in the Moleskine sketchbook. It is drawn in regular pencil, and I digitally enhanced it make it darker. You can see some of the doodle lines remaining that I pulled the image out of. I will probably eventually color it in, but right now I love it as is.

I also have a blog post for Every Day Matters of a pencil drawing of a pear from five different angels if you'd like to see.

I seem to have gotten a jumpstart on CED's September theme of Inspiration. I have been inspired all week to try different things. I even took the plunge and opened an Etsy shop. Now I need to get inspired further and get it all set up and something in it for sale.

Hope one of these made you smile! :)

EDM-#24 Piece of Fruit

I decided to get my feet wet with this drawing challenge of a piece of fruit. This is the same pear drawn from five different angles. It's drawn in my Moleskine sketchbook with a regular pencil and an overhead flourescent light. I usually do doodle drawings and was surprised at how much I enjoyed drawing this pear from life.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Three Muses Challenge-Wings On Things

I don't know if this is exactly what The Three Muses Challenge had in mind when they picked " Wings on Things" for this week's challenge, but my black swan doodle has wings. I'm just saying...

Hope he made you smile! :)

Theme Thursday-Shadow

I looked at my shadow this morning. My shadow looked at me. Then we started dancing to "I'm a Little Teapot"!

Theme Thursday's challenge this week is shadow. I've been wanting to do some shadow photos, so I thought this was a good time to try it. What fun it was! I WILL be doing more. :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Three Muses Challenge-Hats

The theme for this week at the three muses is hats. This is a doodle drawing in my Moleskine Art journal that I haven't added words to yet. It's colored with watercolor pencils/water. I see now that it's uploaded that it needs some stronger highlights and dark accents, but I'm going to share it anyway. :)
Somewhere there's a group of ladies running around the garden party with "hat hair". :)

Gone Fishin?-Creative Every Day

Who's doing the fishing here?

Hope he made you smile! :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Didn't Mean To Piddle On the Rug... :>/

Bubba is so ashamed. He was piddling with a smile...until he got swatted with a newspaper and scolded. What did he do that was so wrong?

He will have to do some detective work...

Hope my little doodle made you smile! :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Maggie's New Hat

Maggie has a new outfit, and it happens to be purple. She enjoys dressing up to watch the sunrise, because what is more glorious than a beautiful sunrise...unless it's a sunset?

Art In The Round @ The 3 Muses

The challenge for this week at the 3 muses is Art in the round.

I thought of my "Wing Mender" character, who is sitting on Mars with the Moon and the earth behind her, mending wings for the angels while looking through her round glasses.
Well, someone has to do it. :)
Another doodle SKETCH in watercolor in my sketchbook. Because these are sketches born out of doodles and watercolors, they do not always have the best composition, proportion, shading, etc, but that's what makes them so much fun to do...and that's why they turn out kind of quirky! They are like my experimental, joyful children, and I love each of them in their own unique way.
Hope she made you smile! :)
(Sorry, I couldn't get the paragraphs to seperate again)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Stars Dancing In Her Eyes...And On Her Face-CED

This month's theme at CED is "Move", as in taking action or being in motion.

"T" has a dream of being a superstar. Can you guess who her role model is? :)

"T" works very hard at her craft. Always on the go and in motion, practicing her dancing, singing, and acting; taking classes and working on a look that sets her apart. I think she found it.

Who would forget a big blue star painted on her face? :)

Although it doesn't show in the picture above, "T" also has stars dancing in her eyes, despite the blood, sweat, and tears she's shed trying to achieve her dream.


"T" and her eye evolved out of more of my doodle schedules, done in watercolor in my sketchbook. I forgot to paint her lower lid so I used photoshop to draw it in, which I'm not very adept at, as you can see. :)

Anyway, hope they made you smile! :)