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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Inspire Me Thursday--Green Bug

This week's challenge at IMT is green, so I'm sharing a photo of a green bug that I made the other day. I've always wanted a bug, but not necessarily green. :)

Maizie, Songs, An Angel, & New Molys

Meet Maizie. Maizie has a story to tell, and as soon as I can coax it out of her, I will tell it on Scribbles From Rabbit Hop (my other blog).

Maizie was born from a page of doodling in my Moleskine WC book. I like the expression on her face. Doesn't she look like the stereotypical diner waitress? Been around the block more than once, she has. More than a little jaded, but everyone loves her.

She is painted with watercolors.

This is a spread from my Moleskine journal/sketchbook, also born from some doodles and watercolor. Looks like someone might have been singing off key. Doesn't matter, as long as you let the song in your heart out.

This little lost looking angel is Tallula.
She is new at her job and uncertain as to what she's supposed to be doing.
She, too, started out as a page of doodles. She is an experiment in liquid acrylics and texture. Not sure I'm finished with her, but I like her and wanted to introduce her to you.

No wonder Tallula is wearing blue wings! She's been a pain in the butt to share. She kept flying off and disappearing. I had to re-upload her 4x! Lord knows what she was up to!
I have completely filled my first Moleskine WC book and only lack 5-6 pages having my first Moly sketchbook filled. Going to have to get more! The Handbook sketchbook is only half filled and I'll use it until I get new Moly books, but I don't like it near as well. I'll fill it, but I won't be buying another one. Like the Molys much better. Yea! brand new Molys to begin playing in!

I'm having a little harder time posting as often and working on my art and writing since hubby is here all the time now. I love him being here with me. It's just that I don't have as much uninterrupted time as I did before. I'm trying hard not to get out of the habit of drawing and writing something every day, even if it's just a post or a doodle. We are slowly working things out. Quite an adjustment for both of us. But we're loving it!

Hope one of these made you smile!
PS-I apologize for the state of this post. I couldn't get the spacing to cooperate with me, and finally gave up. :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

CED Check In & Charcoal

April's theme on CED is color, so, of course, I've started working in B/W. LOL

I've been playing with charcoal in my large sketchbook the last few days. This is a sketch of Sammidog from a photo I made.

Excuse the smudge in the lower corner. I signed it in charcoal, then tried to erase it. Didn't work.

It's not perfect, but it was fun. :)