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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sometimes I Just Feel Like Dancing!

This is a page from one of my art journal/sketchbooks that I thought I would share today. I don't really feel like dancing right this minute (I am still half asleep), but this sketch always makes me smile, so I thought if it makes me smile, maybe it will you too. :) The resemblence to Dolly Parton with black hair was not intentional, but it's ok. I like Dolly. I had noticed it already, but it has also been pointed out to me a couple of times. Like I said, it's ok with me. Hope Dolly doesn't mind. :)

I learned a new "to me" art journaling technique 3-4 months ago, and I've had so much fun with it that I haven't missed a day since doing at least one, sometimes 2-3 a day. I've done about 220 so far, filling up about 5 sketchbooks, several loose pastel sheets, a couple of envelopes, and a couple of cards. I never know what the sketches will end up being and they have spawned tons of ideas for painting and writing for me. I never really enjoyed drawing before, but this has sharpened my skills and my imagination and I love drawing this way. The last post also contained a quirky sketch. They aren't meant to be perfect or even "correct." Just loose and fun. I'll share the technique with you, if you like, when things settle around here a little bit. Okay?

The picture quality is not good, but you get the idea. Hope it makes you smile.


see you there! said...

She's great and after you pointed it out I do see the resemblance to DP.

I'd love to hear more about your art journaling technique.


Sharon said...

Hi Sharon, I'm enjoying your 'quirky journal sketches'. They look like fun.