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Friday, September 26, 2008

Partial Internet Service

"Stubborn" quirky journal sketch

I got up Tuesday morning with no internet service and didn't have time to see about it 'til that night. I tried everything I knew to fix it that night and the next morning (Wed). I finally called the internet provider, which also happens to be my land phone service provider. The service rep could hear all sorts of growling, dripping, whistling noised in my line and said that could be affecting my dsl modem, so she put in a work order to have it checked out. No internet Wed either since the service man didn't get here.

The very nice service man came yesterday morning (Thurs) and worked all morning checking lines. He even replaced one down the road. Turns out that the clicking noise we've had on the phone for years is caused by an electric fence bleeding over somewhere down the road. Can't stop that. I doubt the neighbor is going to unplug his fences to stop my phone from clicking. He has a lot of cows. He did get the growling stopped. Still no internet service.

The first dsl modem they sent wouldn't program, so they had gotten me another one and turns out it was bad, so they've ordered me a third one, which should be here by Monday. I asked if bad modems were a problem and he said no, that it rarely ever happened. I guess I was just lucky enough to get two in a row.

The service guy was nice enough to leave me a loaner to use, but it's only a tester and doesn't have wireless, so I can't go online on my laptop where I have everything. I'm having to use the desktop, which doesn't have my password saved to get my email, and I can't find the paper that I have it written down on. It's buried on my kitchen/art/writing table somewhere, so if you've written me an email since Tues night, I haven't gotten it yet. But I will as soon as my new modem gets here. At least, I hope the third one works. I could have paid $14.95 to get it here overnight, but I couldn't see being out that expense when it should be here by Monday anyway. The weekend made it take longer.

At least, I can blog and I can pick up my yahoo email and visit my group. So I'm not totally in withdrawal. :) And I may find that paper where I wrote it down yet!

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alex s said...

"I’m glad I found you." Me TOO!

Thanks for being a Beauty Maker. Some day we'll take over the world! :-)


p.s. this horse is gorgeous. Just get on his back and ride through the irritation of computer h**l.