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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mollie B Muse Doll

Thought I would share the doll I made to enter into the recycle bin art challenge in the Mojo Art Group this month. Everything is recycled from discarded stuff except the fiberfill stuffing and the face pin. I drew off my own pattern, cut it out of an old table cloth topper, and stuffed it, sewing across the knees, elbows, and seat so she's posable. Her strapless dress is made from an old skirt of mine. Her boots, gloves, and underwear are made from an old black dress glove, and her shawl is made from a piece of gauze bandaging left over from hubby's burn accident. Her hair and the boot feathers came out of an old feather duster made of Asian feathers. The silver choker necklace is a broken hoop earring, and the other necklaces are a silver chain looped around her neck with a palette, paint tube, and brushes charm. A porcelin face pin with a white feather, given to me a long time ago by a great-aunt, completes her. She wound up 16" tall.

I wish her hair showed up better. The feathers are gorgeous shades of reddish-brown, black, and brown shades mingled together. The little alphabet beads on her boots spell BE, as in "Just Be."

I don't know if I should call her an art doll or not, but I am. :) She refused to wear a lot of ribbons and flowers and she squirmed so much that I could barely dress her. Impatient she was, but she was sure fun to create, and with her legs and arms crossed she looks like she's got attitude.

She might be saying, "Ok, I'm here now, so create something!" :)


Carly said...

She's beautiful! Is her face hand-painted???

Wonderful work!

Sharon said...

Hi Carly, and thanks for your comment. Yes, her face is hand painted. It's actually a porcelin lapel pin made by my cousin. Her mom brought a box of them to the family reunion one year and gave each of us one, years ago. She also made whole dolls. She did beautiful work.

Dixie Decker said...

Sharon, I just love your art doll. She is beautiful and reminds me of my childhood when I would make my dolls. I loved to make them clothes, and really learned to sew and be creative with designs from that experience. How large is she?

I haven't read everything yet, but you know I like whatever you do. You have a real creative talent! Keep up the interesting,work.

Faye said...

Sharon, your art doll is very definitely art. I love the attitude and posing. She is beautiful.

Julie said...

Oh she is fantastic Sharon

I really love all of your creations

Thanks for joining in with Arty Girlz

Julie xx

Ruth aka alteredgeisha said...

I just adore art dolls and she is truly scrumptious!! A perfect entry for the challenge!