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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Woven Kindle Pouch + A Hot Mess

Hubby and I have both had nasty colds, so I haven't been very creative the last several days, but I thought I'd share the woven pouch I made for my Kindle Fire before I got sick, plus the hot mess I made before the pouch. I didn't have a pattern for either, so I made them up as I went along.

I configured a long rectangle with my Martha Stewart loom kit and use hombre yarn to weave the pouch, including a place for my stylus on the front. I haven't sewn the sides together yet, because I haven't decided whether to use it as just a sleeve or to have it with a flap and closure, as in the top picture. I have also decided that it might not be thick enough protection for my Kindle Fire. My old Kindle is not as heavy or vulnerable as the Fire. This would be plenty of protection for it. I could pad the pouch and make it thicker, I guess. Now that I'm feeling better, we'll see. :)

Okay, this is a hot mess, but I thought I'd share it anyway. I configured a large square with the MS kit and since I couldn't find anything on weaving a pattern like this, I just improvised on my own, which wasn't a good idea, and I saw that as soon as I started weaving the heart with the different sized and textured yarn, but I was determined to make it work. The background is a heavy bulky yarn, which I love. I weaved all of it, leaving a heart shaped hole, then filled in the hole with the other yarn. Unfortunately, I didn't allow enough in my count or something and the top of the heart turned out a mess and the whole thing puckered on me. I still think I can figure out a way to fix it and use it for a pillow top or something. I could unravel it and reuse the yarn, but unraveling isn't that easy, so I'm going to think on it a while before I do anything with it. It'll work out somehow! I didn't really fail, because I tried. :)

I am enjoying weaving so much that I'm considering a table loom if I can find one in an affordable price range. Something for my wish list! Maybe by the time I get one I'll be experienced enough to know what I'm doing and can make something good on it. :) I'm doing a lot of research online and learning and experimenting, so I'm having fun, and the process is what it's about for me, so I'll keep on keeping on until I decide to learn something else new.

I haven't ditched my mixed media projects, art journaling, quirky doodles, dolls, etc. They are merely resting while I explore other things for the time being. I have also been playing with digital drawing on my Kindle, so I will be sharing other stuff along as I do it, the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. I hope you enjoy my creative adventures, at least some of them. :)

Happy creating, learning, and experimenting!

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PatriciaG said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I was reading some of your posts and "Saori" caught my attention. I briefly, very briefly dabbled. That little loom looks interesting.