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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weaving Away...

I'm still experimenting and learning about weaving and having a ball, which is not to say that I'm not working on other wips as well. :)

I assembled a 2" square loom from the Martha Stewart loom kit and followed directions in her instruction booklet to make these flowers in different yarns. Fun to make and can be used on lots of things.

More fun! The red one is a fuzzy novelty yarn, kind of tricky to weave, but it feels like a really soft powder puff. The two top ones are potholder sized, the long one bookmark sized, and the small one about 1" x 1 1/2" or pendent sized.

I decided to try another heart shaped weaving before I took the loom apart to make the others. I actually wove this one twice. I used a heavy yarn and the first one was so tight that it cupped up all the way around, and it was stiff feeling. So I unraveled the whole thing, warp, weft, edging, and all (very difficult and irritating!) and began at square one again, this time I only wrapped every other peg, so it came out much flatter, softer, and lighter, I did, however, goof up the top and got one side a little wider than the other. I'm for sure not going to unravel it again though. This piece is about the size of a small pillow.

 I kind of like it wonky! Wonkiness has character! :)

I'm using mostly yarns that I had left over from crocheted projects over the years on these, but I can't wait to get some new different textures and colors to play with.

I've also finished two Saori weavings (freestyle) and I have a large square weaving in progress, but I don't have pictures yet. Soon though!

Happy creating!

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