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Sunday, August 5, 2012

21 Secrets Playground 2012

I was late joining the 21 Secrets Playground this session. It started in April and the classes will be available until Jan 1. I joined at the end of this week. You can click on the link to read about it and all the teachers and the classes they're teaching, all 21 of them. It's also on sale now, so that's a bonus. There's still time to sign up, and I can tell you there's a lot of things to learn there.

I did the classes a little differently this session. Instead of taking the classes and doing the work one at a time like I usually do, and because life is happening at warped speed right now, I have gone through all the classes, watched all the videos, read all the texts, and saved/printed off the pdfs in case something happens that I can't continue right now. I learned a lot just from doing that, but now for the fun part, to go back and actually do the projects. After all, the best way to learn something is by actually doing it, and that's the truth. :)

I did do these little mini projects that were relatively quick and easy because I just had to create something.

The little booklet made from a journal page background that I didn't particularly like is from a class with Dina Wakely called Intuitive Painted Layers, the paper cutouts are from a class with Alma Stoller called Child's Play 2, and the heart kleenex sculpture (was supposed to use toilet paper, but the kleenex was handy was from a class with Dale Anne Potter called Personal Acts of Kindness. These tiny projects were just a small portion of the classes, and I can't wait to do the rest!

I also did a journal page of doodles and a small mandala from the class Wisdom Circles with Dion Dior, but I forgot to take a picture. :/

There's also tons of inspiration in the forms of the photographs from the other members of the work they've done in the classes. Some awesome work being done, as well as playing, on the playground!

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Currie Silver said...

You inspired me just reading and seeing what you're up to. It is a rainy rainy morning here in Florida, and I have had several "extra" and unexpected hours to peruse all of CED that is UP, and several other places, too. I appreciated all the "stuff" on your site which introduced me to other people, places, and things!!
Thanks so much!!