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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Background Pages to Wake My Sleeping Muse

When I can't seem to focus creatively, as has been the case for several days now, I make background pages for my art journal. They don't take long, they're fun, and they help get me back in the creative flow when I'm stuck, and I'm stuck on several projects right now. I have them half done and can't decide where to take them next, so I'm having fun just making a couple of pages every morning until my muse quits napping. :)

Below are some I've made in the last few days, using a 9 x 12 inch Strathmore mixed-media visual art journal. I used a variety of media, actually whatever was within arm's reach around the table. They included spray inks/dyes, acrylic paints, gold leaf pen, black marker, water soluable crayons and pencil, torn fast food bag, plastic and paper doily stencils, and emotion.

I also used a variety of techniques learned from various teachers online, both free instructions and not, to which I'm eternally grateful. They include stenciling, bubble wrap, stamping, lettering,  spattering, runs, lifting, mixing media, water dripping on wet paint, drawing, painting fearlessly, not trying to be perfect, saying what if, spraying, brushing, a bit of collage, doodling, left over paint, abstract, etc., and emotion.

The lighting was not so good, and I'm sorry about that. :(

I call them background pages, but truth is, sometimes I love the page just the way it is and will only add some writing when the right words come to me. Others will have more elements or paint/collage added to them before the words are added. Either way, I love doing these, and I learn a lot from just playing without fear, and each one of them comes from whatever I'm feeling or going through at the time, so they are all a diary of me, the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

Hope you saw something on here that made you smile. :)


marianne said...

these are wonderful! we seem to be in the same place- i am going to have enough backgrounds to last a year if i don't get unstuck soon! but it is a great way to be creative without pressue & to just play-

Karen Smithey said...

Wow. I love them all. The colors are so bold! Love the concept of just playing...