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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Playing With Dylusions Spray Ink

Some background pages I've been playing with using mixed media and dylusions spray ink, which is very intense. I only ordered five colors, bubblegum pink, vibrant turquoise, london blue, lemon zest, and squeezed orange. I really like them, but am still learning how to manipulate them and considering picking up a few more colors. I had great fun on these pages just letting go and playing, excuse moi, experimenting. :) The one above has a little gesso rubbed over the inks in spots, plus Asian and musical stamps added. As you can see, the gesso added a pastel look.

The mask for the figure consisted of a round bottle cap, two keys on a ring, and a straw paper folded in half, and the small mask is the cap off an ink cartridge. The dots were made using a piece of paper that I had punched holes in to make a stencil, of sorts. Great fun!

This on was actually the last one I did, and I used a paper towel that had been saturated with ink blotted off the harlequin page. I rubbed it on this page, sprayed some yellow over it, and added pink dots with the home made stencil full of holes.

The page on the left was made using a bought stencil. I sprayed the stencil, lifted it, turned it over, and used it as a stamp on the other side of the page. The right page was a disaster, as I used masking tape to do a harlequin pattern, painted it orange, missing part of the diamonds, because I didn't do it right. I used a brush to paint the orange in the missed diamonds, which made these lighter than the others. Hated it! Sprayed the london blue over the whole thing, let it sit a minute, layed a paper towel down on it to blot up the excess ink and it is what it is. I kind of like it...

There's that holey stencil on the left again! I laid a mesh bag that had held fruit on the right hand page and sprayed blue ink over it. It made a good stencil I think.

Another holey stencil page! The orange dancing girl is from a bought stencil and the ghostly figure above her is where I laid a hand made sponge stamp down in the wet ink. The right page is a hand made stencil, which I laid one on top of the other.

I have no idea what these pages will eventually morph into, if anything. Sometimes I fall in love with background page and don't want to cover it up. Sometimes I just add words and sometimes lots of layers of lots of stuff. We'll see...

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Hope something on here made you smile. :)

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