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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mix Med Clay Icon

My attempt at a mixed-media clay icon, inspired by Misty, and I love playing with clay, I might add. The sculpture is one of the main reasons I took the workshop, and I wasn't disappointed. I need a lot of practice still, but I don't think that'll be a problem.

The head and halo, of sorts, was fashioned  from air-dry clay onto the base. I used a piece of cardboard, because it was handy and I was learning, but some of the other students used a wooden base, which would actually work better, because my cardboard wound up kind of warping on me by the time everything was thoroughly dry, even though I gessoed it beforehand. (I know, sentence run on, but that's ok, just this once. :))

I tried making her facial features out of seperate pieces, but by the time I got them integrated into the face, they had disappeared. Like I said, I need practice. :)

The button jar finally got some use as I found flat buttons, beads, and lace to add to the clay halo while it was still wet, and I glued a piece of unruyu rice paper around her face for a scarf (a little too stiff and short, but it worked), and I found some wide lace to glue with gel medium to the background.

Everything was left to dry for a day or two, before I added fluid acrylic paint and inks to everything.

 Lastly, I found the ribbon rose trilogy in a scrap box, glued it on, and added a porcelin media that I found in another box to the roses, which gives them a porcelin look and feel, and left all to dry another day. The background lace could use some more bringing out, but all in all I'm happy with her character and all, despite the cardboard curve on the sides. The process and learning is what I love and this was a lot of fun. Don't be afraid to try!

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Gwen said...

Just wonderful. love mixed media:))))