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Monday, March 5, 2012

Journey Journal pages

The theme for these journal pages is "On my journey I need...", and they are inspired by Misty's workshop. In fact, this was the last class, and since I couldn't keep up with all the assignments as we went, I'm going back to do the ones I skipped, so there will be a lot of posts following that are inspired by Misty. I learned so much that I want to try, plus my head is spinning with new ideas and experiments. Between Misty Mawn, Katie Kendrick, and Connie Hozvicka's workshops I'm not likely to run out of art projects or ideas soon. Never mind the ideas from other places on the web!

Some of the best things I've picked up though are learning to let go of me during the processes and being fearless; not trying to achieve perfection, but character in my art through intuition; not being afraid to experiment and try, a new found confidence, and the knowledge that whatever I don't like can always be covered up with something else, or recycled into another piece. I'm better equipped to express myself and as Misty says, "Layer it until I love it."

This piece, for example, has tons of layers of paint, pencil, metallic pens, stamps, paper cut outs, pastels, transfers, doodling, black marker. In short, everything but the kitchen sink, and, who knows, I may decide to add it sometime. Anyway, I layered it until I loved least for now. "On my journey I need" is written on the angel cutout and around the pages. Pastels gave it kind of a dusty look. I wish the metallic pen squiggles on the flowers and leaves showed up better in the photo, but it is what it is.

Hope something on here made you smile! :)

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