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Monday, March 12, 2012

Backgrounds with Traci Bautista

Some of the background pages I created for the free Strathmore online workshop, Doodles Unleashed with Tracy Bautista, which is still going on. I think it's once a week for four weeks. I shared a finished journal page a few weeks ago.

The classes are still up for a while longer, and you can still view the videos, but I don't think Traci is now available for answering questions, etc.

The page above was made with a really soft, squishy latex ball covered in soft spikes. I dipped it in blue/white acrylic paint and stamped it all over the page. Wouldn't it make great mums?

This page was made by laying found objects on the paper and spraying ink over them, then lifting them up. I love it!

I used spray inks, rice check cereal, pasta shells and twists, dried beans, a rubber band, and netting off a turkey breast, which I cut into sort of a heart shape. Love it!

Spray ink, netting, wild turkey feather, strings, stencil, etc. Love it!

Spray ink, stencils, rice chex cereal, spiral pasta, paper strips, macaroni shells, the metal trim off a boot heel, and pencil marks. Basics for an interesting page. Love it!

Spray ink, feather, stencils, black marker, with which I wrote, "You're never too old too dream" down the page vertically, wrote it again horizontally across the first one.

This page was used to save excess fluid acrylic paint on, then I decided a banana might make an interesting stamp (I was about to eat one at the time) and painted one side of it, then stamped it on the page a few times. Later I added some squishy spiked ball stamping over everything. Can't say I love it, but it might be interesting to layer collage or something over later.

I was just looking at these again before I post and I think the banana stamp would make an interesting tree trunk. Possibly?

Another page with excess paint, banana stamping, and I've forgotten what else, but it's all good. Kind of interesting with the little yellow face that appeared all by itself. A little too busy for me, but the good thing about mixed media, you can always layer something you like better over it or cut it up to use in another piece.

These pages were all done on mixed media paper, which I have bound into a journal.

What I love about mixed media is that you can use anything and everything. Of course, the down side to that is that you tend to save ANYthing and EVERYthing to do it with! :)

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ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Fun and magical creations ~ love the textured look to them ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (Magical Monday Meme)