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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

AEDM Day 1- WIP Altered Record Album File

Today is the first day of art every day month, hosted by Leah Kolidas @ Creative Every Day. This is a work in progress that I started in Katie Kendrick's workshop. I didn't have one of those nice 78 record album covers with several sleeves in it, so I improvised by taking a regular double record album cover that I had on hand and gluing a sleeve in the middle.

The cat is the front cover and the tulip is the back cover. I took some of the paint off the front cover today. All of the sides are comprised of layers of paint, altered magazine images, journaling, drawing, stenciling, cut papers, stamping, and whatever else strikes my fancy. The images may look nothing like these when they are finished. I just add and subtract until I get the image I like, and most of the time the finished piece looks nothing like the started one. I love the element of surprise at how they turn out and how much I can relate to them. I guess that's where my intuition and wonkiness comes in. :)

Inside the front cover and front side of the sleeve. I did some more collaging and drawing on both. Some of the drawings were done with my non-dominant hand, adding to the wonkiness.

Back side of sleeve and inside back cover where I did some more collaging today. I also sprayed espresso ink on the sleeve and re-drew the bird, because I hated the colors I had on the background. Now I have it too dark and brown to suit me, but I'm learning and having fun. All six sides still need a lot of work,  but when it's finished I'll have a file with three large pockets to hold my treasures.

So that's my art effort for today! Looking forward to playing all month with you all! :)


Kristin Dudish said...

I love that these are on an album cover... Very cool! (I hope everyone clicks on them to enlarge them - definitely worth it!)


p.s. I love drawing with my non-dominant hand too :)

Cat @ said...

I hadn't thought of altering album covers, but how cool that will be to use them as pockets. Great idea! And "hi" from AEDM :)

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

I never would have thought of using album covers, and these are great... can't wait to see more of them xx

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

I have a couple hundred albums under a bed in a spare bedroom...what do you do with the altered covers?