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Monday, October 31, 2011

People, Places, Things

I got most of the projects in the Layered Impressions workshop with Katie started enough to learn the processes, but didn't take the time to finish them at the time. Now that the workshop is over, I'm finishing up what I started in class, plus I've started a few more. This is a page I've just finished using people, places, and things, plus some words. The place is nature, and the word that the scanner cut off is tranquility.

Notice the rabbit head in the sunglasses. I put that there! Katie showed me how. I love it! :)

The page is nowhere near perfect, but I like it just the way it is, so it will go into my journal that soon as I figure out how to combine the pages into a book without punching holes in them. But first I have a few more pages, a cardboard book with several pages, and a record album with six pages to finish, so I'll worry about the journal of finished pages later. I may combine this workshop and the pages I did in the 21 Secrets workshops all together in to one large journal.

You know, when I look back, I've done a large pile of journal pages in the last year, and I'm very proud of myself. I truly appreciate the generosity of, and all that I've learned from, all the amazing teachers in both workshops.

Sending you all a huge smile. :)

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Sylvia Montesinos said...

The line at the top of your blog caught my attention, "perfectly imperfect". I used that in my blog when talking about my work just the other day.

Love your collages, the images and colors!