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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Work Table Currently...

I'm working. I really am! Actually it's play to me. :) It's been a few days since I posted anything, so I thought I'd show you my work space and all the mixed media journal pages that I have in different stages of progress using techniques I'm learning from Katie Kendrick in her workshop Layered Impressions.

None of the pages you see are finished. They are in varying stages of progress right now. Katie feeds us a video, info, and an assignment every day, and I've been getting a page started to learn that day's lesson. This is the third week of the online workshop, and there's only one more week before it ends, so I have paint, paper, scissors, etc, flying everywhere, as you can see. The white sheet on the left is for yesterday's lesson, which I was about to start. It was a fun technique! I'll share the page at another time.

The page with the cat on it is actually the cover of a double record album, which will be a journal, of sorts when finished! I am having so much fun and learning so much! Can you tell that I'm having fun? lol

It's a messy workspace, but I wouldn't be able to work any other way. The mess feeds my creativity. Isn't that crazy? :)

I will share all of these again, plus some more, as I finish them, and hopefully they'll look better and you can tell more about them. I won't guarantee that my workspace will be any neater though! lol

I've just attended today's class on intuitive painting and palette knife painting, so I'm off to start another page or two! Hope something on here made you smile! :)


O mundo de Alex said...

hello Sharon i do understand your enthusiasm! i have the same. it's the first time that i let go drawing painting scribbling messing up ...i love katie's course xo

Janine said...

Your work looks interesting! I work the same way but sometimes it shuts down my creativity. I mess myself right into a small space and then I freeze. Love your blog!

Carol said...

For a second there I thought I was looking at my work space what I'm seeing in your art!! @

Odd Chick said...

I can hear the excitement and energy in your voice and then see it in your art. It really is a great class!

UteV said...

All your pages look amazing. I hope mine will too. LOL I'm very behind, but am having great fun too. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing work.