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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gelatin Plate Monoprints

More gelatin plate print fun. This one didn't scan well. The colors are actually metallic copper and red, and it's actually pretty in reality. I drew into the paint on the plate with a cotton swab, then printed onto printmaking paper. The sheets are a little bigger than my scanner, so the lid kind of wrinkled the paper.

I used my finger to paint onto the plate for this one, and it was so much fun. I like the print too!

This is a ghost print of the one above. I like it even better than the first one!

Another ghost print where the paint left on the plate was drawn into with a cotton swab.

I used a plastic doily on the plate, but the paint was so thick that the print only picked up enough of it to resemble a ferris wheel, don't you think? I like it!

More cotton swab drawing into the paint on the plate.

More cotton swab drawing...

Ghost image paint with a feather drawn in with a brush handle...

Ghost image of the one above with the ferris wheel. I repressed the doily into the paint left on the plate.

These will all be cropped eventually and used in various ways. Some may be framed, other used for journals and/or collaging, etc.

I love the gelatin plate printing, and I've just found out that I can now buy one that stays ready to use. It's the Gelli Arts gel printing plate, and I know it can be ordered through Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. So when I get ready to play with these some more, maybe I can get one of these. I LOVE the feel of the gel and the give it has under the paper when I press it down on the paint with the real gelatin, but I'm going to have to try one of these.

The gelatin print fun is going for a rest for a while though. For the next month I'm going to be taking an online workshop from Katie Kendrick in mixed media techniques, called Layered Impressions. I'll share what I'm doing with y'all, hopefully as I do it, but if I get behind I'll try to catch up on the weekends.

Hope something on here brought a smile to your face. :)

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