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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Play and Draw Happy pages ...21 Secrets Plus Some

Some extra pages I did in the Childs Play and Draw Happy classes after I completed the workshops.

This page, using magazine pages, was inspired by Alma Stoller in the Childs Play class. I have done a little bit of a lot on it. I machine stitched around the edges and all over the papers, gessoed it on both sides, and left to dry.

The dream words were cut out of the front of an old knit sleep t-shirt gown and machine stitched onto the front. You can see evidence of bubble wrap stamping in the white dots under the layers of fluid acrylic paints. I also used some oil pastels on top.

I'm thinking I may add something else later and use it for a journal cover, but this is how it is for now.

The next two sketches are the same page, only the top one I scanned as a magazine photo and the other was scanned as a regular photo. As you can see, the top one didn't pick up all the color, but I like it.

It's an extra drawing from Jane Davenport's class in Drawing Happy and Doodling. I used a sketch and wash pencil and watercolor pencils with a damp brush. She was born of my imagination, then had a pink flower cut out of scrapbooking paper and pasted on with gel medium for some flair.

Not perfect, but she has character, don't you think? :)

My cousin sent me an email with a lot of cute animal pictures in it, and I couldn't resist doing a quick sketch of these two. They were in two separate pictures, but had similar expressions. I used a mechanical pencil and the lead is light unless you really put the pressure on it. It's a cheapie from Wal-Mart, but I like it. :)

I also finished reading "The Curse of the Holy Pail" by Sue Ann Jaffarian and thoroughly enjoyed it. The protagonist is an overweight middle-aged woman, so I can identify with her, except that she's feistier and braver than I am. There were lots of twists and turns to the mystery, plus humor, and it kept me guessing right up until the end.  I look forward to reading more books in the series and solving more mysteries with Odelia Grey.

Thanks for visiting! I hope something on here made you smile! :)


Deborah said...

The Dream page looks like it took a lot of work. Isn't it funny how scanners change an image. I can really see the difference in my new scanner. And the bunny and bird did make me smile.

Sasa said...

I'm a rabbit fan so reallyloveed your last sketch, so cuuute!

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Love your work ~ so creative! Following from Creative Everyday ~ Hope you will come visit either Share the Creative Journey or A Creative Harbor ~ or Try both ~ thanks ^_^

Sandra said...

Especially like the dream page. Glad to see that you're back in the art grove.

Alex said...

Lovely drawings! And I think the portrait is awesome =)