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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Urban Layer Cake-21 Secrets

Another fun workshop in 21 Secrets, called Urban Layer Cake, with Tammy Garcia. I didn't have the fibre molding paste on the supply list, so I improvised. I had gotten a small bottle of Snow-Tex in a box of miscellaneous art supplies for Christmas, so I used that on the page above. I love the texture, but it sure drank up the paint!

For these two, I used a heavy gel medium for the texture. It gave the paint more of a transluscent look. You may have to click on the page above to enlarge it to read the poem by William Blake written in white.

Once I got one layer cake made, I just had to make another, and another, and of course I couldn't help splattering paint all over the top. My intuition made me do it!

I haven't taken a workshop yet that I haven't really enjoyed, and I look forward to using all I'm learning in my journals  for as long as I'm able to journal. Thank you Tammy for teaching me how to layer a cake! :)

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