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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Paint Writing-21 Secrets

I'm on a roll this morning! I've already posted 3 posts of finished projects, and I just completed another workshop, so I thought I'd share it as well. This is what I created in the Paint Writing workshop with Silky Hart in 21 Secrets. Another great workshop, where I learned some different and unique writing techniques and created my own little journal. Love it!

The poem that I chose to write is:
The Coin
by Sara Teasdale

Into my heart's treasury
I slipped a coin
that time cannot take
nor a theif purloin;

Oh, better than the minting
of a gold crowned king,
is the safe kept memory
of a lovely thing.

It's the only poem I remember from high school, and it's stuck with me all these years for some reason. It's etched even deeper in my memory after writing it all these times on these sheets, but it's a wonderful little poem, don't you think?

Scanned portions of the front and back of my painted and written paper. I used kind of a tan colored charcoal sheet. May not have been the best choice. The pen nib kept hanging when I tried to upstroke. Or maybe I just need more practice. That's probably it! I switched to a copper gellyroll pen on the back, because I love copper.

I used a black charcoal sheet of paper for this page and gessoed it with clear gesso, which gave it a sandpaper feel, and I used colored pencils for, well, color. LOL And look! I learned some African symbols. I have no idea what it says though. I hope it's something good! :o

Then we made a little journal out of the pages. This is it closed  Isn't it cute? It can be left as is, or I could add stuff to its little pages. I  used fun yarn to bind it with, because it was already in the needle, and I can be a little lazy sometimes. I added a hand made bead to it just for fun.

This it open, inside and out.

I really enjoyed this class too, and I love my little journal! Thanks, Silky! :)


Silky Hart said...

What a delight to ready about your experience with Paint Writing! Love love love seeing what you created. And I adore the yarn that you added for some flair!

Red Shoe Artist said...

That looks awesome and fun