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Monday, May 30, 2011

Collage, Paint, and Soul-21 Secrets

Another great project from the 21 Secrets playground. I'm not saying my page is great, but the workshop was! This one was inspired by Tamara Laporte in Collage, Paint, and Soul.

This is actually the same page. After some emotional digging, guided by Tamara, I layered torn papers, writing, and paint onto a sheet of card stock, then added a layer of torn magazine images that spoke to me from various magazines. Then I added more paint, stamping, doodling over that to get what it looks like now.

I am learning to journal and paint intuitively in these classes, and it has given me so much freedom to just play with the process, which is my favorite part. It also makes it uniquely mine. I'm not sure I like the second version better than the first, but it sure was fun to get it to this point!

The words on her cape (I seem to have a thing for big buttons and capes) say, "I am the product of all my experiences," and that is the truth with my hand up! :) Did you notice that the cardinal turned into a finch with a hat on? He just seemed to need a little striped hat! :)

The tulips represent my daddy, who passed away almost seven years ago, and I miss him every day. Tulips were one of his favorite flowers. The dog and the birds represent various pets that I've loved, and been changed, by over the years. The trees and background stuff represent nature and misc things that have also helped mold me. I love hats, but I live in a tiny town where everyone knows me and would laugh at me, and I've never had the nerve to wear them, but a lot of my drawn ladies wear them. The red circles on the cheeks represent the jester side of me, and I do have one when I'm in the mood. :)

 I guess, now that I think about it, the cape with no openings is hiding all the bad/negative experiences that have helped shaped me, and like anyone who has lived a long time, I have plenty of those too. It is true that everything that we experience with any of our senses becomes a part of who we are, isn't it?

I am just now realizing that I had no idea when I tore the images out and glued them down what they would come to represent. Just now, as I was REALLY looking at my page, I realized what they were saying to me. Isn't that amazing? (Light bulb moment here!)

Hope something on here made you smile! :)


Julie Jordan Scott said...

I love the concept of "playing with the process"... so glad I found you via Creative Every Day today!

My CED2011 weekly check in.

Alissa said...

I like getting a peek into your process, thanks for showing both images. Visiting from Creative Every Day!

Nancy Melbourn said...

So fantastic! I have yet to get brave enough to start my collage. Way to go girl. You did a great job. Amazing things happen when you play with your art!