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Friday, April 8, 2011

Zentangle Mooka Challenge 16

This week's challenge at is to use the new Mooka pattern created by the founders of zentangle art. It's a fun pattern to do. I don't usually use a string to guide me, but this time I did. Of course, I didn't stay within the string. I love learning and the doing of the tangles. :)

 These were both done on 3x3" squares in my Moleskine pocket journal with a medium Pitt pen.

I tend to forget that I have more than one size pen, and whichever pen or marker I pick up is what I use. Trying to make them perfect is stressful to me and sort of defeats the purpose of meditation, so I just have fun with them.

I sure do enjoy seeing everybody else's gorgeous tangles though!


Alex said...

Very cool and flowy designs =)

Anonymous said...

This is a bit like a labyrinth - which is supposed to be a meditative path to walk. Is there a particular book you'd recommend about these patterns?

raena said...

I have never heard of Mooka pattern; I'll have to look that one up! This looks great though and I think you have the right idea...meditation! I find I do tend to stress about what to do with mine and it ends up not being very meditative at all.