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Saturday, April 9, 2011

21 Secrets-Abstract Adventure

Connie's workshop in 21 Secrets (see sidebar) was just that, an adventure! I watched her fun videos and read the pdf file about using my intuition and trusting the process, and I couldn't wait to get started. I found two 14x21" sheets of student grade watercolor paper, gessoed them, and clipped one to my stand up easel. Then I plugged my mp3 player into my ears with some Michael Grimm blues, did some stretches and shook my booty to get my juices racing through my body.

The soft acrylic colors seemed to jump onto my palette, then onto my brush and all this stuff flowed right out of my heart through my hands and on to the paper. I even caught myself dancing several times while working!

I painted both exercises back to back. The warm-up just seemed to flow right over on to the line painting. I kept my brush moving and my booty shaking until I felt like I had said enough. I'm not sure I'd want to know what it means, but I like it! :)

The colors are actually a little darker in reality, and  the lines are dark blue, not light, but you get the idea of my abstractness, don't you? :)

This intuition is something else if you listen to it! I love this process, not worrying about every little thing and just letting your brush dance along to its own drummer. Thank you so much for teaching me to paint big and fearless, Connie! :)

I'm also working on adding fragrance to my journals in Lisa Dieken's workshop. So far I've spilled Pomegranite essential oil all over my writing journal (not intentionally, it was supposed to be a few drops on the center threads), spilled talcum powder all over the floor, and tried to corral a dryer sheet cut-out heart into another journal. Who knew adding smell good to a journal could be so challenging? :o  No pictures yet, but I'm working on it! This is also an adventure! :)


how to oil paint said...

I like your blog!...Daniel

ArtMuse Dog and Carol said...

Love these paintings ~ creative, colorful and playful ~ what a delight~ ^_^