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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Zentangle Challenge 13-Non-Dominant Hand

This week's challenge at is to draw a zentangle with your non-dominant hand. I am right handed, so I drew with my left hand. I used a Zig marker on 4x4" white cardstock, and I thought I was using the smallest end of the marker, but when I finished I had used the larger end. :/ It felt totally foreign and awkward to use my left hand, but I was amazed at how well I did, despite the size of the marker point and the lack of control in my hand. This was fun! :)

Then I tried one with the fine end of the marker. Shaky lines, but I like the design.

I believe the "correct" pens to use are the Micron fine tip pens, or something similar, but I tend to draw with whatever is laying handy, and a lot of times it's a marker. The finer the pen, the more delicate the design.

I started not to share these, because they are not that great. Then I thought, the ones I do with my dominant hand are not that great either. My hands and eyes are not as steady as they used to be. However, I LOVE doing these. They are a great form of meditation and concentration, which is a good brain workout. So why not share something I find so beneficial and enjoyable?

The non-dominatrix challenge was just that. A real challenge, and it was fun! :)


Deborah said...

Great job! I have yet to try one like this. Maybe later tonight.

jenna said...

It looks like you'd be pretty ok if you had to go ambidextrous.

I had a figure drawing teacher back in school who had us spend most of a class using our non-dominant hands - we were all relative beginners to drawing nudes. The best part was, the final half hour of the three hour class, we got to go back to the "good" hand, and WOW, it was suddenly easy and we were all so much better! I think it's a really good brain exercise.

raena said...

I love doing non-dom drawings! There is just something more alive about that shaky little line! These are very good; I'm glad you posted them!

Alex said...

Very interesting design =) Me likes!

ArtMuse Dog and Carol said...

Well done with your 'non-dominant hand' ~ Just stopped by to say 'Good Morning' and to wish you the best in the day ~ ArtMuse Dog ^_^