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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Zentangle Boo-Boo turns in to The Dinner Table

This week's challenge for zentangles is Curves Only. I started out with a double circle and petal shapes, but then I forgot and did a zigzag pattern around the outer circle (no straight lines allowed this week). I tried to fix it by turning the zigzags into black "pearls", but some of them ran together, not looking too good, so I just had fun with it. Still all curves, not so much tangle! But I like it. It makes me smile! Hope it does you too!  I call it "Dinner Table" :)

Navy Zig ballpoint pen on a quarter sheet of pink cardstock.


Alex said...

I really like the design =) it's so cute!

raena said...

Well done! And I like that you made it into a dinner table!

Anonymous said...

Love your site man keep up the good work