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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Challenge 14-I Walk The Line Zentangle

This week's challenge at was I Walk The Line. We were to use only straight lines for the tangles. The first two I did are with Zig ballpoint pens on post it notes. The notes are hot pink and the Faith one is a Hunter Green pen. The second one is hot pink with a purple pen. I don't know why, but my scanner would NOT scan the paper as hot pink. Instead, it's a pale pink. They really look better in person, but I decided to share them anyway, just because they were fun to do. :)

Not easy to keep the curves from creeping in, because I love curves. However, any curvy lines you see are because my hand wavered while drawing the straight line. They are not intentional. :)

These two are actually only one. It is done on hot pink cardstock (a quarter sheet) with a purple Zig pen. I seem to have been on a hot pink/purple kick this week for some reason. I did the one above, scanned, and saved it, then filled in some more of the blanks and added a smidgeon of burgundy pen. I liked it too, so I scanned and saved it as number two.

I have to confess that a ballpoint pen is not the best to draw tangles with, although I love to draw with them. They tend to leave little blobs sometimes and you can't get really fine detail with medium point pens, but they are still fun to play with!

Another fun and challenging challenge!


Sandy in Michigan said...

Great zentangles. You must have unbelievable concentration to create these little jewels!

Peachtreeart said...

I love the incorporation of faces in your zentangles!

raena said...

That certainly would be a challenge to not use any curved lines! You've done a great job of it though.

Alex said...

Very cool designs especially considering the boundary conditions set =) Love them