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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meet Selma!

So a few months ago, after seeing some needle felted animals online, I thought I'd like to try it and bought a little simple kit at Hobby Lobby. It was really easy, and when I was finished, I had a flat flower applique (see under needlefelting label on sidebar). I also tried a little free-form flat piece. I loved it and was hooked!

Right after that I got involved in some art journal workshops and since I only had the needles and a minute bit of yarn left from the kit, I concentrated on my art journals. However, I acquired more supplies from Hobby Lobby and an order to Joggles online during this time, and two or three weeks ago I watched some Utube videos on needle felted dolls, then jumped right in to making one of my own. From a simple flat flower to a doll with a needle-sculpted face is a big jump. But that's me, for ya! :0

Anyway, below is my 3rd needle felted project and my first doll. Don't know why I named her Selma. That's just the name that popped into my head when I looked at her, so I guess she introduced herself that way. She certainly wound up a character! :)

Selma in her birthday suit, front: I began with roving wool and a felting pen to form her body. The head was formed and felted to the body. The arms and legs were formed and joined at the knees and elbows, then to the body, then her butt and breasticles were built up with the wool to create the basic figure.

Selma behind...literally!

Closeup of Selma's face with a little sculpting where her features will be...
"Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful!"...

From Behind...
I didn't want to figure out how to needle felt her clothes just yet, so I just needlefelted them directly to her body, boots and all. I only had a few colors of felting wool to work with, hence the color combo.

Three-Quarters View
Notice the Pink strip of hair (I know, it looks whitish in the sunlight). She is posing on the car bumper and she is light as a feather. The wind kept blowing her over and twice she fell off the bumper into the dead leaves. I tried to get her cleaned up. Luckily, nothing was broken...

Full View--13 1/2" Tall
Not the best face and hair, but, hey!, it's my first time to try sculpting a face. Besides, you can't say that she doesn't have character! LOL

I realized after I made the pictures that I made them before adding her jewelry and her nostrils. Also, in the event that you think her hands look odd. The thumbs and each finger has to be formed and felted on individually, and I didn't want to take the time just now, so she has thumbs, no fingers. Just pretend they're fists! LOL

My tools: The bubble wrap is only to keep the felting mat (brush) from sliding around while I'm working, but all you need is roving wool for the core, wool felt in colors, needles, and a felting mat.

The needles are extremely sharp with burrs on them to tangle the wool into itself, and I can tell you from experience that if you jab your finger with them, it hurts. :/

I am in no way an expert or a professional, but I LOVE needle felting. Other than making sure your finger is out of the way where you're holding the wool, it's very meditative, and an easy thing to do while watching TV.

There will be other projects coming. I've ordered more colors of wool, and I'm already planning another doll, plus I want to do some felting on denim, so stay tuned...


Julie Jordan Scott said...

I am not sure what Felting is exactly, but Selma sure is cute. Apparently hats can be made with needle felting. I almost bought a hat making boot recently but figured I was too busy and didn't want to buy it without doing it and now, I wish I had.

ANYWAY! Loved what you made here. Selma is adorable. :-)

My CED2011 check in.

Sloane said...

Wow, you are doing great for only just started with your new craft! Good job. My step mom makes needle felted kitties and she is learning to wet felt, scarves and hats...i wonder if you could make her clothes by wet felting and then tack on by needle felting?