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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Doodlicious Journal Pages & A Llama

A few days ago some friends emailed us a photo of their new baby llama. It was so cute that I couldn't resist trying to draw it, using my sketch and wash pencil in my Moleskine journal/sketch book. I seem to have a penchant for not leaving room for feet, no matter what I'm attempting to draw. Nonetheless, I decided to share my first attempt at drawing a baby llama. I'm proud of myself for trying and I actually like it! :)

Baby llama is an off white color with a black spot on both back legs and woolly fur.

When my neice and neice-in-law gave me cookie cutters for Christmas a couple of times, they had no idea that I would use them for everything BUT baking cookies. :) Cookie cutter shapes and metallic pens in Moleskine journal with ideas for their different creative uses.

A page out of my first Doodlicious journal, using clorox on damp fluid acrylic paint, inktense pencils, white gellyroll pen, and a starry gold ribbon.

Double page in Moleskine using left over fluid acrylic paints spread on with an old credit card, white gesso on starry house shoe sole used for a stamp, and a black Zig marker for the letters, hearts, and circles.

A double page in Moleskine using leftover paint squished around with a large round bristle brush, blocked on with a flat brush, and  lettering is brush and Zig marker.

Another double page Moleskine testing some colored markers I got for Christmas, lists, a drawn bird sitting under a Frappucino label, a 50s themed napkin with notes and turquoise squiggles, leftover paint smudges, bubble wrap stamped in pink, and Zebra duck tape just for the fun of it. I love these pages of odds and ends!

That's it for this post! I'm having loads of fun playing in my journals and sketch books this winter, and I'm also finishing up my first needle felted doll, which I'll share as soon as I tweak her a little more. Also, more Doodlicious pages to follow...

Hope you enjoyed visiting as much as I enjoyed having you!


Elza said...

It's clear that you are having loads of fun with your colorful and whirlwind pages.

Rose said...

it must be great to be able to sketch and draw. love the llama. rose

Cathy Holtom said...

Great work, love the colourful pages.

raena said...

The baby llama is especially adorable!

Alex said...

Love the Llama =) I find them really interesting

Janene said...

Good job on the llama!

Louise said...

Wow, you've been busy! I've come over from CED. What could be sweeter than a baby llama? And I think your non-cookie cookie-cutter ideas and page brilliant. My favourite, though is your last page here - it is random, but it gels. I love it.