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Monday, January 10, 2011

Mixed-Media, Play Things, & Snow

Remember these?

This one was a rough draft drawn with a brush on a 20 x 24" canvas for a "Get It Out, Get It Down" workshop by Connie Hozvicka in the 21 Secrets Playground.

This one is how it wound up after multiple layers of writing, stamping, texturing, and pasting papers.

It was too busy to suit me, so I covered it in a thin layer of white gesso, then added more layers of papers, paints, etc. I lost track of how many layers. It now has a bit too much blue and pink to suit me, but I'm stopping while I'm ahead. Below is what it looks like now. I like it better than the other least for now.
The words have a lot of meaning for me, because of the message the preacher gave at my aunt's funeral. His words really spoke to me and have stayed with me. I also wrote messages on papers, tore up, and pasted them under the layers of paint and textures. It's been very cathartic for me. I got a lot of stuff out and down on this canvas among the layers.

This is some of the art stuff I got for Christmas this year.  My niece got me a lighted paper cutter, my nephew and his wife gave me paints, canvas boards, aqua pencils, snow texture, and matte spray, and hubby gave me markers and hi-liter pens. I love it! I later took money that I got for Christmas and ordered some fluid acrylics, acrylic inks, unruyu paper, pens, markers, sketchbooks, 2 new cds, and some needle felting stuff to go with them.

I also got a lot of freebie art materials in the form of bubble wrap, tissue paper, shoe sole stamps, boxes, ribbon, papers, etc. I'm set for a lot of fun. Watch out! :)

We have 4+ inches of snow in downtown Rabbit Hop. This a picture of my grandpa's old shoe shop school bus. It was his last shoe shop, and is now parked next to my dad's work shop. The bicycle is an old one that Daddy bought at a sale before he passed away. He had plans to combine it with an old push lawn mower and make it into a novelty riding mower. He made one, but he was planning to make a better one. He had a lot of fun out of the first one. Great memories of both of them.

It's been a good year so far. Hoping it stays that way. :)

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B @ Sweet Limes said...

K, I love your sub title, how you may not be the best but you love doing it....I feel the same way! I may not be the best at what I do but I can't stop doing it because I love it.

The painting you wound up with that says, "Give it to God" is so well done, I hope you are super pleased with it because it really resonates with me.

Lastly, love that last picture and the history that is in it for you. The ones that tell stories are always the best.