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Monday, January 17, 2011

Inking and Marbling Text

I've been at it again! This time I'm learning and experimenting with acrylic inks on book pages and text. The words are Oriah Mountain Dreamer's and the pages are from her book "The Dance."

I've never been able to tear a book in any way until lately, and it is in no way a sign of disrespect for the author. I enjoyed the book, and I like the text to use in my personal journaling. These pages can be used as whole page backgrounds or torn into shapes and collaged onto pages, whatever my imagination can come up with for them.

Acrylic inks are very concentrated and bright, which I love. I am just learning to manipulate them so the pages are kind of messy, but I like them. :)
 A utube video on marbling prompted the above experiments. I put a little water in the bottom of a glass platter, layed the page in it and let it soak up the water, then dripped different colored inks onto it. The lightest dots are a shimmery gold, very pale, gorgeous. I wish it showed up better.

Too much water on the left page let the ink run too much. In fact, it ran right off the page into the water!

Too little water on the right page didn't let the ink run enough and it soaked into the page too quickly and couldn't be manipulated much. I sprayed more water onto the top and spread it a little more. The text is upside down, because the design resembled flowers that way.
 Because the pages couldn't lay flat in the bottom of the platter, I tore the middle out of a page (right) and sprayed a mist on the platter, layed the page down, the sprayed water on the top before dripping the ink. I like it! :)

The page on the left is where I decided to try marbling with the ink. I used the shaving cream technique learned in the Everything But the Kitchen Sink workshop with Heidi Dilley in the 21 Secrets Playground. I have been doing this with fluid acrylics. I like the results I got with the inks though. Each has its own attributes. I'm finding that I can take a brush handle and make different designs too. Fun!!!

 More marbling above, different designs...
 Back to dripping the ink. The left page has cerulean blue hue, metallic irridescent copper, and shimmery pale gold. It's gorgeous in reality. I'm beginning to learn how to control the water and the inks!
For some reason I decided to tear the margins off this page and just go for it. A little bit of everything thrown in colorwise. I'm learning that I can also draw with the ink eye droppers. See the squiggles in the copper paint? I love this page with the ragged edges! :)

Now I'm off to see what I can learn today! Hope something on here was useful to you or, at least, made you smile. :)


Julie Jordan Scott said...

Oh, I love this. My art lately has been almost solely on the printed word and taking book pages and making art with them. I am not sure how to use ink though now, from looking at your photos, I am thinking I need to try. I have mostly been using watered down paint, so this would be a welcome change. We'll see... how inspiring! SO grateful I found you via #ced2011 today!

MY CED2011 check in this week!

B @ Sweet Limes said...

I am loving the marbling you're doing....and I too recently found the need and ability to tear pages out of book, there is something that feels so good about tearing it to pieces!

nanke's stuff said...

Very nice and fun techniques! I haven't done that sort of thing for quite awhile .... this reminded me of just how much fun it is! nancy