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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Doodlicious Daybook #3: Marbled Pages

Well, I've been playing with color, shaving cream, paper, and a credit card again! I started out making these background pages to mix in with Daybook #2, a couple of posts back, but I don't really like the way they look mixed in, so I've probably got daybook #3 here. That's ok though! One can never have too many art journals to play in! Besides, making these background pages is addictive.

I bought a new color of fluid acrylic, called Quincidine Burnt Orange (love it!), plus a few bottles of acrylic inks with some money I got for Christmas. I had painted one full sheet of cheap watercolor paper on both sides with watercolor doodles and splashes a couple of days ago, and then I tore it and a blank white sheet up into 5" x 71/2" pages, but then, as I said before, I didn't really think they mixed in too well with daybook #2, so I stacked them up for a seperate book.

Yesterday morning I decided to play with my new inks and shaving cream, so I took all the blank white sheets out, and started marbling. I used drops of the burnt orange fluid acrylics, mixed with drops of Thalo green (bluish), irridescent copper, and olive green acrylic inks to make all these varietions.

There are two pages to a picture and they are not in the order that they will be when I put the book together. The effect on the soft textured wc paper is not as sharp as it is on a slicker harder surface like cardstock anyway, but the colors are actually a little darker than they scanned. I like em! :)

Below are the pages that I had previously watercolored and drawn over with brush and india ink. I wondered what they would look like marbled over. I like it! :)

These are two of the watercolored pages without the marbling, just for variety.

Below is a page that I've been working on from book #2. The background is white with black india ink brushed on to make squares. Then I sewed a strip of scrap paper from a painted page across the bottom with fun yarn to make a pocket. The bookmark in the pocket was included in a card that I got from mychildhood friend on my last birthday. I had to tear the bottom off for it to fit, but it added to the design to place it under the bookmark at the top. Hole enforcements were added for color...and because I tore one of the holes out the side. :o

There isn't a gray strip around the bottom and side. I just wanted to show you the hairy yarn I sewed the pocket with.

Hope something on here made you smile!


B @ Sweet Limes said...

Shaving cream you say? Interesting, I'm going to have to check that out because what you came up with is GORGEOUS! The marbled pages are stunning.

iHanna said...

Cool stuff. I've never used shaving cream, how does that work? This reminds me to do a doodalicious daybook too, I haven't made one yet!

Artmusedog & Carol said...

I love how you play ~ so creative and artistic ~ and I love the colors ~ so glad to meet you from BlogFrog ~ Happy Creating ~ hugs and namaste, cz:)

Lisa said...

What fascinating results! Oh how happy they make me...hopefully the process did the same for you. :)