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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week 2 AEDM and 21 Secrets-Another Mixed Bag of Creative Attempts!

This is week two of art every day month and I am still participating in the 21 Secrets playground and again I've saved the week into one post, so there is a mixture of projects and another list of what I did creatively this past week.
I scanned the list pages in backwards, so you have to read the right side then the left side to read them in order. Sorry! I am perfectly imperfect! :)
 More experiemnting with shaving cream and fluid acrylics on card stock. Love the top one! From the workshop Everything But the Kitchen Sink with Heidi Dilley.

 Another shaving cream/acrylic print on green card stock this time (top). The bottom is an experiment on off white card stock using blue and yellow linoleum block printing ink brushed on, then I took a Q-tip dipped in clorox and drew the face. Not too good a drawing, but I like the effect. The clorox/ink technique is also from the Everything But the Kitchen Sink workshop with Heidi Dilley.

 More experiments with clorox and ink-with the wrong kind of ink apparently. Stamps dipped in clorox didn't work and neither did a Q-tip on the bottom one. It did a little on the top one if you look closely. I still have some pretty journal page backgrounds.

 OK, this is more like how the clorox/ink technique works. The right ink makes all the difference! This is in my Moleskine journal. I still haven't gotten my rubber stamps to work on any of them, but Q-tips dipped in clorox worked well. I like it, but I'm thinking I need to visit Heidi's workshop video again.

Another clorox/ink page. I love this one on salmon colored cardstock using a pear shaped sponge and Q-tips dipped in clorox. I don't know if I'll be able to do anything to this as a journal page or not. We'll see...

Trying To Live Life in Color--This is a double page spread in my 11x14" Canson sketchbook/journal. It's a project for Connie Hozvicka's workshop, Get it Out, Get it Down! We were to paint standing up and being fearless in applying paint, textures, etc. We were also to write a letter about something that was bothering us, tear it up and layer it among the paint layers. That way we get it out of our system, but nobody else can read it.  I didn't have anything in particular bothering me at the time, so I just wrote stream of conscious stuff on magenta unruyu rice paper, tore it up, glued it down, and covered it up. This is very freeing, and I love how it turned out. Sure it's not perfect, but I loved doing it, and besides that, Perfect is Boring!
Faith--Another 21 Secrets project--This one is on a 9x12" canvas (the next one will be unstretched and larger) and is from the workshop Running Loose on Canvas with Samantha Kira Harding. We learned to do all sorts of things to the canvas and this is something that I also love and will be doing more of. There are multiple layers of fluid acrylic glazing, drawing, writings in gold and black, glued papers, etc. The angel is one of my paper cut outs, as are the flower and two hearts. The little bunny square over her wing is one of my original inchies. I used the top of a cookie cutter to make the stars. The buttons are sewn on by hand with copper metallic embroidery thread, and so is the fabric with my Granny S's drawn work in it. It's from a pillow case that I wore out and saved her work from. When the side with Faith on it is lifted up there is a gold metallic piece of a paper doilie over a burgundy ribbon from a flower arrangement from my dad's funeral. I'm happy with how this turned out too and look forward to doing one on flat canvas where I can use the sewing machine and some hand embroidery.

Just fooling around with paper cutting on the cover of a booklet from The Renaissance Center. I layed it on the greenish background for scanning purposes, but I like it. :)

Just some idea doodling that I did in my Moleskine last night while watching TV. I visited someone's blog who did mandalas in a different way (I'm sorry I don't remember whose it was) and doodled an idea. I also jotted down a list and some notes. Couldn't find a black pen, so I just went with a red sharpie. I did mean to put a watercolor wash over them before I scanned them, but forgot. Oh, well...

Please lay head to right shoulder to see correctly--It's turned right on my pictures, but I tried three different times and it wouldn't upload right on here. Don't know what the problem is, but it should be standing on end. :/

Anyway, this is a 20x24" canvas that I started yesterday, so it is a work in progress and this is just the beginning stage, but I thought I would share it as something I worked on this week. I used Connie Hozvicka's Fearless technique by painting standing up and just putting paint to canvas. Of course, it will look nothing like this when I'm finished. I'm already thinking of incorporating ideas from the Running Loose on Canvas class into it. I'm loving the idea and the colors and layout so far, but I'm just getting started so we'll see how it goes along and I'll show you when it's done. :)

I guess that's it for this week. I'm hoping to do some art stuff today (Sunday), but also expecting company, so whatever I do today I'll share next time. Hope something on here made you smile!


Anne said...

What a wonderful week you had!!

EVA said...

That's a lot for this week!!

Wonderful work there!

nanke's stuff said...

Wow! You certainly did a lot of art this week. That's wonderful!! nancy

Alex said...

Love your ways of experimenting with different medias ^^

B @ Sweet Limes said...

Are you serious? Shaving cream and fluid acrylics? Well, it turned out amazing, I'm with you on the top one turning out so great.

Cathy Holtom said...

I would never have thought to put shaving cream with acrylics, but it turned out ok!
Lots of different things going on here, very interesting.

raena said...

Wow! I'm impressed with how creative and experimental you've been lately!

phthaloblu said...

You've had a quite a funfilled week. Impressed with the shaving cream/acrylics experimentation. I like that top one, too. It flows and the colors are perfect. Very nicely done!

tami said...

you have been having so much FUN!!! Love everything you have done with 21 secrets.