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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

21 Secrets, AEDM, Tea, Pears, and Paper Cuts


Monday, Nov 1, was the first day of Art Every Day Month on the Creative Every Day blog, but I have decided to post once a week what I've created for the week, at least for now. I'm still very involved in the 21 Secrets Playground and still loving every minute of it, so I'm kind of working the two together. I've been creating every day, not necessarily finishing anything, but I'm writing down a list of my creative activities and I will scan what I'm doing to share at the end of the week.

I kind of got a head start Sunday night by practicing my paper cutting while watching TV with hubby. I learned this from Emma Peabody in the 21 Secrets workshops, and I love it. I've just been snipping everything, most of it freehand.

These were all cut from book pages except the cross, which I cut from a coffee filter. That accounts for the different look. I used unruyu paper to lay behind them for scanning purposes, but I'm sure they will eventually find their way into a collage or something. :)

This page is in my Doodlicious Daybook using techniques I learned from Kelly Warren in her "The Things They Say" workshop. This was meant to be done with children doing a page alongside you, learning the techniques together, but since I have no children or small children near, I pretended to have a tea party with a child and used stuff that I thought a little girl might use that I usually don't, like a paper clip, tulips from a dixie cup, stickers, a found tea packet holding a splenda packet with a message, a paper towel (instead of a napkin), my first experience with glitter glue, lace rice paper scraps, etc. I don't know if you can tell, but the background is one of my doodle pages and is part of a face with yellow hair and a pink hat. You can click on the picture to enlarge to read the writing on the cup, in green marker, which I rarely use. It seemed fun for a little girl though. I had fun with this. Can you tell? LOL

This is a project using used credit cards to manipulate the paint and one of my linoleum block prints that I had already posted in a previous post, but thought it needed something else. I added the black sponge lettering, which doesn't show up that well here, but the words are Trinity, Trio, Three, and 333. I don't know if they helped that much or not. One thing I've learned in these mixed media workshops is if you don't like it  you can cover it up with something else, and I am proud to say that I have gained the confidence and freedom to do that! LOL

Hope something on here made you smile!


lilasvb said...

very nice post enjoy aedm

tammy vitale said...

Ooooh, a pretend tea party. Almost as good as the one Alice went to (though I think I'll have coffee - decaf please!). Love the idea of a pretend anything. Wonderful!

Sherry Lynn said...

Nice the tea picture.

marianne said...

the paper cuts are very nice- as is everything else! happy aedm!