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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Letters, Tissue, & Splatters- 3 More 21 Secrets Projects

I have been busy with workshops and projects, and there are paper snips, tissue scraps, and paint spatters all over the dining room and me to prove it! LOL But I am having soooooooo much fun and learning so much! I attended my eighth workshop this morning, but haven't done the project yet. I decided to share numbers 5,6, & 7 with you first. The scanner doesn't pick everything up real good, but you get the idea!

The two above are from the "Layers of Tissue" workshop I took with Hanna Andersson. I used pages from the Doodlicious Daybook I created in the second class with Tracie Hanson to add tissue elements to. I love it! Now I know why I've been saving pretty tissue paper all this time! :)

These two pages, also in my Doodlicious Daybook journal, are from the "Positive and Negative of Splatters" with Johnathan "Blade" Manning. Throwing paint off a brush, or whatever, definitely helps get rid of any frustration that I might have had. What fun! :)

This page is in my Moleskine journal and is the project from "Typoholic" with Natalie Malik, where I studied different lettering techniques to use in journaling. I used the sole of my houseshoe for a stamp, then added lettering and paint spatters for fun.

There are spaces left on all the pages for me to write my thoughts down in when I'm ready. Meanwhile I'm so thankful to Connie at Dirty Footprints Studio for putting all these workshops together in one place for us to learn more about art journaling. Loving every second of it! :)

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Effy said...

I'm loving the atmosphere at 21 Secrets. Truly inspiring! It was fun to have a little tour through what you've been up to. :)