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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

21 Secrets-The Secret of Beginning

"Her Character Grew Out Of Her Imperfections"-Isn't it fun how the last word fell imperfectly off the page? That wasn't planned, but I like it. :)

I could do a lot more to this journal page, but I like it where it is right now, so I stopped. This is my second project in the playground class "The Secret of Beginning" with Lisa Wilson. The class was about techniques and supplies to get started art journaling. Wish the copper glitter and paper clips had scanned better. Oh, well, on to the next class!

These classes are wonderful. You don't have to take them in any particular order and there are videos, pdf files to print off, discussion rooms, places to show and tell, and tons of inspiration and ideas. They are well worth the money and registration is open until Dec. 1. The playground closes Feb. 1, 2011. Can you tell I'm excited?!!! The next class I've chosen is doodling very large on large paper, then making a book for journaling out of it. I've already been to video class, which was awesome. Can't wait to get started on the project!

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