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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

21 Secrets-Scottie Dogs and Paper Angels

 From the workshop 10 Text Techniques with Spooky--I tore some pages out of an old beauty book by Linda Dano, which I had started altering a few years ago. It was a good book on all kinds of ways to look good, from hair to shoes, but I'm just not that kind of girl. Let me be clean with jeans, a tee shirt, and barefoot, and I'm good! LOL

Anyway, they made a great background for my doodled Scottie dog (I LOVE Scottie dogs!). Wish the scanner had picked up his pretty red glitter collar! He was doodled with oil pastels in my Moleskine journal, and the writing was done with a red Sharpie, which was not happy writing over oil pastels. Slippery!

There are nine more techniques to try, and I'm soooooo looking forward to it! Well, actually I already tried one other one, the transfer technique, but it hasn't been used on a page yet, so stay tuned! :)

More paper cutting experiments from the Chinese Paper Cutting workshop with Emma Peabody that I took! I love snipping! Who knew? Not me! I'm discovering all sorts of things about myself in these workshops. These were cut from a book page from Walden's Pond that I had scanned and printed out for another project and had left over. They are another variation on the butterfly, which I seem to be drawn to. I didn't realize that I had the paper doubled when I cut the angel and wound up with twins. Double the fun! The curlyque thing in the middle is what was cut out of butterfly girl's dress, but would be fun used on another project, as would the hearts, stars, etc. Perfect for inchies!

I have two other workshop projects underway also, close to completion. Will show you when they're done!

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Stephanie said...

Love the little black dog with the text. The purple paper cut out angels are really fun too! Sort of like doodling with scissors. :)