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Friday, October 8, 2010

21 Secrets-Doodlicious Daybook-Proj 3

First we doodled large on large paper (I used what I had-18x24" drawing paper).
Wish I'd had bigger paper. It was so freeing, doing the large doodles!
The pictures are of my workshop project, Doodlicious Daybook, with Tracie Hanson in the 21 Secrets Playground (see sidebar). She had an awesome video and she shared lots of ideas. I've had more fun making this journal than I can even tell you, and I will definitely be making more!

Then we cut the large doodles into smaller blocks (mine are 6x9") to make the pages. We also cut pages from scrapbook paper, brown paper bags, envelopes, etc, plus we took different colored cardstock, etc and did paint swipes in different colors and textures to add variety to the book.

The pages were turned back to back and mixed with the othr pages, however I wanted to place them. I picked out covers and laminated them (Recognize the cover from my large doodle?), then punched two holes in the pages and used a black leather cord to bind them together for now...

The next four pictures are a sampling of the pages within the journal. These will have writing, smaller papers, pockets, more painting/drawing, etc added to them eventually. I was actually supposed to do that before I punched the holes, but I chose to wait. That will be a great project to do while watching TV or when I only have a few minutes.  I have a lot of ideas!  Meanwhile, the leather cord keeps the pages together, and I can easily take them out to work on them if I need to.

I will try to share pictures with you as I embellish the pages...

                                          The back cover of my art journal...but not THE END! :)

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