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Friday, October 8, 2010

21 Secrets-Chinese Paper Cutting-4th Workshop


These are from my fourth workshop in the 21 Secrets Playground (see sidebar), Chinese Paper Cutting Meets Modern Art Journal with Emma Peabody. There were two patterns for us to practice on, a butterfly and a flower. I totally messed up the first butterfly I tried (the pink one above) by running the detail cuts together. I did much better on the second one, but I still need more practice. These can be used in lots of ways that Emma shared.
 Okay, the pink flower (above) went completely awry! I really do like the design and how it turned out, although I probably couldn't do it again if I tried. LOL

This is how the flower was supposed to look! It's all in the folding! I figured out that I folded one fold wrong, which rendered a completely different design. I also learned that the thicker paper is MUCH harder to cut, so from now on I'll be sure to use THIN paper. I used scrapbook paper on all but the flower, and it worked great. I used a cardstock decorative paper on the flower. Usable, but much harder to cut and not as delicate.

I know exactly where I'm going to use these too-in my Doodlicious art journal! :) 

I can't wait to design some of my own using delicate papers, like coffee filters...

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Emma said...

I just love all your papercutting experimentation! :)