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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Art Journal Pages 2nd Look...

Remember these journal pages? I shared them from "The Book of Me" a few days ago. I thought I'd share them again since I added some white stamped words to them yesterday. The words helped a lot, but I may or may not add something else as I work on other stuff.

The words are Unexpressed Anger-Depression. Anger is stamped vertically and didn't show up too well in the scan. The black letters are linked together to spell Lonely and were done with a brush. Other words are hidden under the layers of paint.

The pages had stuck together on this one, and, of course, when I pulled them apart the paint came off the paper on one side and stuck to the other, leaving a spot of white in the middle of her face, which didn't look too good.

I sealed the torn paper with gel medium so it wouldn't have a rough texture amid the slicker paint, then painted over it with liquid acrylics and re-painted the lips. She looks Mysterious to me, so that is what I stamped across the transparent mask covering part of her face. The whitish streak down the middle is glare from the scanner. Sorry! I really like this one like it least for now.

Isn't it amazing how just a word or two can bring a page to life?

Both of these were started as texture studies in my Moleskine sketch book with Liquin fluid acrylic paints. But then I saw other "stuff" coming forth amidst the layers of paint and texture and I went with it in a fit of bravery. :)

I love it when something that I've been letting sit for a while suddenly shows me just what it needs to complete it! Don't you?

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