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Monday, September 13, 2010

Amusing Myself

Yesterday I rode to town with hubby and waited in the car while he went into the grocery store for a few things. We live in a really small town, so it's fun to see or talk to the other people going in and out of the store. Most everyone is friendly and will speak whether they know you or not.

Anyway, as I waited, a large white van pulled into the space right in front of the door. I had already noticed little fuzzy heads bobbing around in the seat beside the large, older man, who was driving. The man got out and walked in a slow, painful looking, shuffle through the store entrance, leaving the windows down in his van.

Immediately, two little heads popped up in the window away from me. They were standing on their back legs with their front feet propped on the armrest by the steering wheel, like two little fuzzy kids. They weren't missing anything going on outside the van either and would occasionally yelp, causing someone to look around.

The smaller one was a toy breed and solid white. I don't think it was a poodle, but it's hair was curly fuzzy, like a poodle, and covered it's stocky little body. I'm sure when it was curled up asleep it looked like a big cotton ball. The other dog was some taller and more wiry looking, with medium straight hair, a weir haired terrier, I think. It was black, except for some white on it's chest and the salt/pepper of it's chin whiskers. Neither of them lacked for energy... or love. You could just tell.

They kept me entertained, bobbing from window to window, but mostly they stood side to side looking out the window. Had I been a dog knapper, I would have stolen these two. I know the heartbreak of having a pet stolen though, so instead I scrounged around in the car pocket and found an old Bic pen and a pale yellow post it note pad and tried to sketch them, as best I could, given that their heads were in continuous motion.

When hubby returned, I pointed the little dogs out to him. He started whistling and talking to them, at which point I had to caution him that he'd cause them to jump out the window. When we left, the little black and white heads were still sticking up in the window side by side, excited by what was going on outside the world of the van. I was excited by spending time in their presence and getting a, not too well done, but fun, sketch of them down, which is going into my sketchbook.

For some reason, I wanted to share this little excursion with you. I enjoyed it immensely, and from now on I'm not going anywhere without my sketchbook, even a quick trip to the store. You never know where or what subject matter will pop up that you want to capture! (Note to myself! :))


nanke's stuff said...

Love the story and love the quick little sketches. They look very happy, indeed! nancy

Alex said...

Happy and cute story!!! And a nice sketch to compliment it is always good!

raena said...

Wonderful story and the sketches are delightful and get the job done! I've learned to just keep a sketchbook and pen in the glove compartment of my car so I'll never be without!

donna said...

You made me smile. Thanks for sharing.