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Monday, May 17, 2010

Learning Needle Felting

I've been learning needle felting because I needed ANOTHER hobby. LOL

Seriously, I saw some little needle felted animals online and just fell in love with them, and I naturally thought, "I can do that!"

I've been looking at you tube videos and other instructional sites and decided to give it a try. The other day hubby and I were near a Hobby Lobby, so I went in to see if they had the tools and roving wool. They had sold out of several things, but they did have a couple of these little kits left for $5.00. It contained everything I needed to give needle felting a try, two  punching needles, black and white yarn, a foam block to punch into, a pattern already stamped onto a pocket, and simple instructions.

I started working on it that night and then skipped a couple of days and finished it in just a few minutes today. Now that I have the hang of it, I could do this flower in probably half an hour. It goes pretty fast. I love it! It's one of those projects that is conducive to listening to my mp3 player while sorting out the stuff swirling around in my head. It's a good frustration venter too. You do have to watch your fingers though. The needles are very sharp and have a little burr on the end that tangles the yarn when you punch it through.

Basically, you tear off some roving wool yarn, put it on your pattern and over the foam block, then with one or more needles held straight up, you jab the needle(s) straight up and down on the yarn into the block, thus fastening it to the base. My kit had the pattern on a pice of white felt, which could be used as a pocket on a felt purse, or you could cut the flower out and applique it to jeans, pillows, whatever. I chose to cut it out to applique.

The flower in the kit, as you can see, was supposed to be black with white. However, since I had bought a small  bag of different colored yarns, I decided to make mine white with pink. I'm considering adding a pink tinge around the petal edges. The top of the flower has a felted feeling to it and the underneath is fuzzy.

I am anxious to try some animals, but I need a little more practice first. I did okay on the flower for a first attempt and I learned, but it takes a little practice to get the density right, so it's a little lumpy. Like me! :)

I LOVE learning new things, and this was fun, so I thought I'd share it with you all...

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