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Monday, November 9, 2009

AEDM Days 8 & 9- Mei and Ruthie

I didn't get Mei and her bear friend posted yesterday, so I'm posting them with Ruthie today. Here goes!

Mei is a tiny clown doll given to me by one of my best friends. She is dressed in a satin jumpsuit with a large collar. She has a porcelin head and cloth body and limbs. She didn't want to be sketched alone, so I coaxed the pale blue long-haired bear, given to me by hubby, to pose with her. They held perfectly still while I tried to capture the different textures, but they were glad when I stopped. They were tired and I was too! :)

Ruthie is a vinyl doll from the 60's, rescued from a flea market. I loved her red hair, which was a total mess. It took a long time to get it into some sort of shape. She was also in her birthday suit. Mama made her a light navy blue dress out of velvet-like material and crocheted trim around the neck, sleeves, and tail out of white cotton thread. I added the white ribbon, the white underwear and knee socks, and the black-patin, laced shoes.
I used a carbon pencil instead of a regular one for a change. It was a little harder to control, but I stuck with it til I got ready to stop. Also, the lightest shaded foot was supposed to be making a step forward, but I couldn't get it to go there. Maybe next time!
Anyway, these are my last two attempts for AEDM. I also took a piece of 300# wc paper, wet it, and dropped black and red Sumi ink all over it and let it run and dry, which made a variety of grays. Then I dropped more pure black ink in randomness on top and left it to dry a couple of days ago. It's still sticky. I haven't decided how to proceed on it yet. I just wanted a break from all the pencil shading. When it's a little further along I'll show you. (I "borrowed" the idea from Leah over at AEDM). Thanks, Leah! I hope you don't mind. :)


Alex said...

The teddy bear is fantastic! I love the soft fur :)

Anonymous said...

You really catch textures well - and I love seeing that you are expanding your experimentation with your tools. Good job.

raena said...

This series just keeps getting better and better! Love, love, love the teddy bear!

Ramona Davidson said...

You have a great touch with fur and folds in the cloth. Love both pictures. They are excellent.