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Thursday, November 5, 2009

AEDM Day 4 &5- Doll Sketches-Sasha

I didn't get yesterday's sketch finished or posted, so I finished it and sketched another angle for today and posted them both today.

Yesterday's sketch. I know, I didn't leave enough room for her feet again. LOL Sasha is one of my favorites. She is posable. She is actually dark complected, but I was in enough trouble with the shading. Her eyes and lips are painted on, her hair is almost platinum and her dress is blue/white checked. I ran out of patience. :) Also, I had company while I was working on her face, and I forgot to fine tune it when I resumed working on it this morning. But that's ok. I'm learning so much by trying. You really do learn by doing.

This is today's sketch, a close-up of Sasha, because she was already set up from yesterday, and I didn't want to go pick out another doll this morning. Just lazy, I guess. :) As you can see, this time I didn't leave enough room for her head. LOL I'll get it right...eventually.

So far I've been sketching in a large Canson sketchbook with a regular old school pencil. I turned the book sideways and drew a line down halfway on the page on 15 pages. I've been trying to sketch on half a page, which is kind of awkward for me. I was thinking this would make 30 sketches, then I could cut them apart and make a little booklet of sorts, but I'm not too happy with way the composition is going on them. Maybe I'll get better as I go along. Right now, I'm just worrying about drawing and shading. I'm also having to digitally darken the pencil lines so the sketches show up better on my blog. So my doll sketches may be going through some adjustments in the next few days.

Anyway, I'm having fun, and sketching dolls and their clothes is great practice for sketching people and fabrics. Hope you are all having as much fun as I am! :)


Julie Jordan Scott said...

What a great idea! I do not draw well and plan to have my love, who teaches art a the local college start tutoring me one-on-one... and I had never thought of practicing with dolls!

What a grand idea!

The drawings are great!

Anonymous said...

Really like your closeup of Sasha She's got such personality, waving at us like that! Well done

Alan Burnett said...

Your sketching is really very good. The way you construct light and shade out of so little.

Possum Patty said...

Great close-up of Sasha!