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Sunday, November 22, 2009

AEDM Day 22-Clown Sketches

AEDM Day 22-Clown doll-She's a white china doll with a cloth body and a painted face. I rescued her from a flea market for a couple of dollars. I know I said yesterday that I was going back to sketching one figure, but my mind was changed when I got up this morning and decided that I was a little bored of sketching with a pencil and picked up an ultra-fine black sharpie instead. No darkening in my photo program so the images would show up today.

She is posable, so I sketched her kneeling with her hands outstretched in the first sketch. I also included the hideous huge lace collar that she was wearing when I bought her.

The second sketch has her seated and waving, without the collar. Her toes turn up like elves' shoes. Her jumpsuit and hat are half blue and half peach. There are two gold pom-poms on the front and her shoes are painted gold. The clothes were probably once a rich, bright orange and blue satin, but when I found her they were limp and faded, with the elastic stretched, and the hideous lace collar and trim on the sleeves and legs. She's very bedraggled looking, but loaded with character, which I'm not sure I captured.

The nose is too wide on the face close-up, but there's no second chance with a sharpie. :) Her face is white with blue eyes, gold eye shadow, black liner, pale pink cheeks, and a darker rose bud mouth.

I enjoyed doing these. Most of the time I was in charge, but sometimes, the sharpie was. LOL
Anyway, I feel like I'm getting better and I'm no longer afraid to use my expensive art supplies, even if it's just practice. I have art papers that are years old, because I was afraid I'd ruin them. Not so anymore! I've decided that if I ruin them, I'll still learn something from trying, so I just jump right in and start throwing images and color around and I'm having a blast. Far different from being tensed up and afraid to use the materials, but it's taken me a long journey to get to this point, and I've enjoyed every minute of it. :)


ejmordasku said...

I love the sketches and your discriptions are such a bonus!

Sunflower Design said...

Great job on the sketches. There is no better way to learn about something than by sketching it! You will never forget a single detail of your clowns :-)

Alan Burnett said...

I am really enjoying this series. Pity the end of the month is near.

Dianne Q. Adams said...

You've been busy. Your sketches are great. I enjoyed having a look around!

Christie said...

As the person who is originally responsible for the clown-bashing thoughts recently posted hereabouts, I must post a disclaimer: first of all, I really like your doll series and this doll is lovely, too. Secondly, my clown essay was less than heartfelt - It was my attempt to be "funny," - clowns try to do the same thing, come to think of it!