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Thursday, November 12, 2009

AEDM 10, 11, & 12 Plus EDM 247- Doll sketches

AEDM Day 10/EDM 247-Something Creepy...This is Thumbelina, a vinyl and cloth doll from the 60's, that I rescued from the flea market. I got the bright idea to use a gel pen to sketch her on a paper that had some ink residue on it from the printer. Needless to say, the gel pen was in control. Then I got another bright idea to use a touch of red inktense pencil for accent. Her cheeks looked ok until I used a verrrrrry damp brush on them. Way too red, so I tried a white wc pencil over the top, with the result being what you see here. Thumbelina looks a little too creepy. I wasn't going to post her, but then I decided I would share my flops as well as the better ones.
AEDM Day 11-Thumbelina again, this time I went back to my old standby pencil. I seem to have something against feet. I did get one foot, minus the toes, on this page though. Again, not one of my better sketches, but I'm learning so much from the practice. I know, her head is a little small for the rest of her. I don't know what happened there, but I didn't have time to erase and re-draw it. Maybe I'll do better next time. :)

AEDM Day 12-Tiny Tears-Tiny is one of my childhood dolls from the 50's. She is vinyl except for her head, which is a very hard substance with the crown cut out for her wig to fit into, thus the mask-like line where her wig fits into the edge of her face. She has weighted glass eyes. She was very much loved and played with. Unfortunately, I played Dr. with some nail polish remover on her face and took some of the paint off and her eyebrows. Her eyelashes are also missing. I did re-paint her face when I started my doll collection with the five childhood dolls that I still had after I married. The holes in her mouth and on the sides of her nose are where she drank from a bottle and cried "real" tears. Her light green dress was sewn by one of my favorite aunts, who drowned when I was eighteen. It buttons up the back and has a sash. The dog is a little stuffed Pekingese, light tan. LOOK! She has feet! LOL
The baby dolls are harder to draw, seems like, but I'm getting there. :)


Sherrie Phillips said...

Actually, today's Thumbelina isn't quite so creepy if click and look at the bigger photo. The smaller photo emphasizes the shadows. I like that you are sharing work that you are not particularly happy with. We are not always the best judge of our own work!

Possum Patty said...

Sharon, thanks for sharing! Posting the not so successful and writing about it, is a great learning tool. Sometimes we see things in the work of others that we don't see in our own.

kazumiwannabe said...

I think you did a great job with the clothes and shadows. I agree the first drawing is a little creepy - cute faces are the hardest to draw, they often look older and weird (when I draw them, they do : )! ).

Ramona Davidson said...

WOW- you have such a talent for drawing. The clothes just floor me with all the detail you put in them. The dog is really great too. Your dolls get better each time.