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Saturday, September 26, 2009

EDM #242- Favorite Figurine

This is a sketch of a Snowbaby Christmas tree ornament that one of my friends, Lennie, gave me several years ago. She gave me two. The other one is sitting on a sled. It's been probably 10 years and I've never told her this kind of funny story.

I didn't put up a tree the year she gave them to me, and I thought they were so cute, plus they were a gift from a dear friend, that I wanted to be sure and put them where they would be safe and I wouldn't lose them, which I did.

They hadn't been seen since, until the other day I was cleaning out some boxes. I had looked for them numerous times over the years, in the Christmas decorations, the cedar chest, and other places I keep sentimental stuff, to no avail.

I had told my other best friend about putting them where I would know where they were, and we laughed about it. I knew they were here somewhere, but I had hidden them from myself. I know none of you have ever done that. LOL

Anyway, the other day, hubby and I decided to do some decluttering. The spare bedroom has been uninhabital for years, because it has turned into a storage/junk room. It's also where my Christmas tree and decorations are in boxes under the bed and bags of clothes that I've "outgrown" but might wear again "someday" are littering the floor.

I decided to start in there, having to set stuff out in the hall to have room to maneuver around. Inside the door sat three large boxes on top of one another with a stack of clothes that I had outgrown piled on top of them. I sorted through the clothes, laying aside what Mama might wear. I sorted through the top two boxes, which had all kinds of bric-a-brac, albums, pictures, clothes, etc in them.

Among other things, in the bottom of the third box, were two brand new fleece robes that I had forgotten about. I lifted the top robe up, and there was something wrapped in a paper towel snuggled between them. I knew immediately what it was. I opened the paper and there were the two little snowbabies grinning at me, still all new and sparkley.

I yelled and told hubby that I had finally found the snowbaby ornaments that I hadn't seen since the day Lennie gave them to me years ago. I didn't care if they were Christmasy. I brought them to the dining room amidst my art stuff and sat them where I could enjoy them finally.

The EDM challenge 242 was to draw a favorite figurine. I have many, but I decided to sketch this one, because he makes me smile.

Lennie would be the first to laugh about me hiding them from myself all these years, and this year they will be hanging on my little Christmas tree with all my other "special" tiny ornaments.

Three large boxes are all that I got decluttered that day, but it made a small dent, I found a lost treasure and two new robes, and who knows what other treasures, that I've hidden from myself, I'll find when I resume.

Ah! The joys of getting older. Hope I made you smile! :)


Ann said...

That's a wonderful drawing and I also like the story that goes with it. No, of course I've never ever hidden things from myself ;-)

Alex said...

Beautiful sketch! :) I love how you shade it, and the expression on the face is like "BLINK!" ^^

raena said...

Delightful tale and I love the sketch! Great work!

Melissa S. said...

Uncovering those treasures was like Christmas in September! The sketch captures them well.

Dan Kent said...

Cute sketch and loved your story! I hide things from myself on a daily basis. The only problem..I never find them!

Leah said...

Oh man, I do that sort of thing all the time. My mom calls it "putting things in a safe place" and then forgetting where your "safe place" is. Hehe. Sweet drawing!

Anonymous said...

Love the way you handled lighting on your snowbaby, which reminds me of a winter afternoon. I call this story Mission Accomplished: your Treasures are indeed safe and sound. What is time, afterall? :)

Alissa said...

A lovely funny story and your drawing is so sweet. It is great when an EDM challenge matches something you own so perfectly.

Gary said...

I really liked this challenge too - it made the opportunity to draw something that you might never have considered before. Great drawing and story. We have a black hole in our house where there are many things to be rediscovered at any time!