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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Maria's Not Listening

Whatever is going on around her, Maria doesn't want to hear it. She's not wearing ear muffs just for a fashion statement. Her ears are not even cold. Just too much talking and negativity in her space. She doesn't need it. It's her way of shutting out the world for a while. Do you ever feel like putting on ear muffs just to shut out the noise for a few minutes? I do.

Hope my little doodle made you smile. :)


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi sharon!
oh i love it! what a wonderful painting. the background you created really makes her pop. it is perfect!

linda said...

what fun!! and I adore your elephant too and she could be very pretty with little pink toes, lol!!

I need some of these now and then-ear muffs that is, especially PINK ones!! PINK toe nails too!

thank you for your sweet comments on my bird collage as well....your kindness is always appreciated and I am glad I could brighten your day!


Lynn said...

Oh, this is perfect! I certainly wish I could wear earmuffs to block out negativity sometimes. And your pink elephant is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Yes! All the time! Sometimes I have to leave stores because I can't stand the music they're playing. And there's always the annoying cellphone conversations...I could go on a nice long rant but I won't. I'll just say what a great image this is! She's adorable and beautifully drawn. I love seeing her fuzzy ears just below your wonderful bunny ears above. Your whimsical art and writing is such a treat!

soulbrush said...

this matches my IF post perfectly. thanks for your visit pal.