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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ahnya And Harry, The Purple Bunny

Ahnya fell off the turnip truck...literally. She hitched a ride in the back of a loaded turnip truck and was sitting on the tailgate with her legs dangling off the edge. The driver hit a pothole going at a pretty frisky speed, and Ahnya hit the ground. The truck was out of sight before she knew what had happened and she was in a strange city. She's very confused and scared, but she's tough. She can take care of herself and looks at it as an adventure. What to do next is the question.

(WC/pencils in Handbook sketchbook-doodle sketches)

A Bunny Tale...Everyone laughed at Harry because he was purple. Even his mama pushed him out of the nest. All the other babies were brown. She had no clue as to how Harry came out purple, but it wasn't right somehow.

That's how Harry came to be a house pet. He was literally found under a cabbage leaf by the gardener and given to his daughter to raise on a bottle. Harry grew into a large mohair looking purple bunny, with a fluffy white tail. A delight to be around. He learned to use a litter box and could eat without making a mess. He had the run of the house and slept on the bed with his friend. He was very content and happy with his life.

But then, the local newspaper did a story with pictures about Harry, which got picked up on YouTube, making him a HUGE celebrity with movie offers, etc. After all, nobody had ever seen a purple bunny before.

And that is why Harry has his back turned. He's shunning the paparazzi.

(WC/pencils, stamp, doodle sketch in Handbook sketchbook)

Just wanted to say hello and let you all know that I'm still here. Still adjusting to hubby's retirement and not having as much time to play on the puter and create. I'm trying to work things around to where I can still do "my thing" though. I'm way behind on visiting your blogs and I miss that, but hopefully I'll get to visit soon and say hello. :)

Hope Ahnya and Harry made you smile. :)


Genie Sea said...

Ahnya and Harry made me smile indeed! How charming their stories and their portraits! :)

Hope you find some more "me" time soon :)

Leah said...

Oh, I love the painting of Ahnya and the stories too!

Carolyn said...

They did make me smile...glad to see you posting...was wondering where you went!